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Step 1

Our journey begins with your vision of expanding your home. When you reach out to us, we'll discuss your goals and ideas for the room addition. We will then schedule a consultation to explore your vision in greater depth. Whether you're looking to add a bedroom, extend your living space, or even create a new home office, our team of experts at DreamHome Remodeling & Builders will collaborate with you to bring your vision to life. By the end of this phase, you'll have a clearer understanding of the project timeline and a complimentary estimate.

Step 2

This is the stage where every detail matters. Together, we will select the perfect design, materials, and layout for your new room. We'll provide you with samples, 3D renderings, and a detailed timeline, ensuring that everything aligns with your vision and budget.

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Step 3

Here, we handle the logistics: securing measurements, ordering materials, and preparing your site for the expansion. We take care of all necessary permits, making the process as seamless as possible for you. We believe in open communication, keeping you updated on every step as we prepare to transform your home.

Step 4

The construction of your new room is an exciting phase. We start with the foundational work, ensuring that everything is in place to safely proceed with the build. Throughout the construction process, we'll provide regular updates, keeping you informed of our progress until we reach completion.

Step 5

No room addition is complete without the final touches. We'll walk you through the finished space, making sure everything is to your satisfaction. Once it passes inspection, your new room will be ready to enjoy. Whether it's for relaxation, work, or play, you can now enjoy the expanded possibilities of your home.

Welcome to DreamHome Remodeling in Hillsborough—Your Gateway to Exceptional ADU Homes

Nestled in sunny California, Hillsborough stands as a beacon of comfort and luxury with its lush landscapes and pristine neighborhoods. As the preeminent remodeling service provider in the area, DreamHome Remodeling takes immense pride in serving the residents of this picturesque community. Known for its dedication to quality and comfort, DreamHome Remodeling infuses every project with a promise of exclusivity and sophistication that perfectly complements the idyllic charm of Hillsborough.

Why Invest in an ADU Home in Hillsborough?

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), often dubbed as ‘granny flats’ or ‘in-law suites,’ are a revolutionary trend in modern living, offering versatile solutions for homeowners. The reasons to consider an ADU in Hillsborough are multifaceted:

Property Value Enhancement: ADUs significantly boost the overall value of your property, making it an attractive prospect for future buyers or as a high-yield investment.

Intergenerational Living: They offer a comfortable and separate space for aging parents or adult children, nurturing family ties while ensuring privacy.

Rental Income: An ADU can serve as an additional source of income through rental, which is especially lucrative in the thriving economy of Hillsborough.

Hosting Space: Whether for long-term guests or temporary vacationers, an ADU offers exceptional accommodation, adding a layer of hospitality to your home.

Customized Amenities: Tailor an ADU to your specific needs, whether as a home office, gym, studio, or a craft haven.

The ADU Remodeling Process with DreamHome Remodeling

Creating an ADU with DreamHome Remodeling is an experience marked by precision, transparency, and personalized service. Our process is designed to ensure that your new space is everything you envision and more.

Consultation and Design Conceptualization: Our expert team will meet with you to understand your vision, discuss your needs, and explore potential designs for your ADU. We take into account local zoning laws and regulations to ensure compliance right from the start.

Site Evaluation: A thorough site assessment is conducted to ascertain the feasibility of your planned ADU. This includes examining the existing infrastructure, utilities, and accessibility.

Design and Planning: Leveraging cutting-edge software and architectural expertise, we craft a comprehensive blueprint of your ADU. We ensure the design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and efficient.

Permitting: DreamHome Remodeling navigates the permitting process on your behalf, ensuring all necessary documents are filed and approved by local authorities, ensuring a smooth project flow.

Construction: We maintain stringent quality standards throughout our construction phase, only using top-notch materials and construction techniques. Frequent updates and a clean job site are part of our commitment to client satisfaction.

Finishing Touches and Walkthrough: Upon completion, we guide you through a detailed walkthrough, making sure everything aligns with the agreed-upon design. Only when you are entirely satisfied do we consider the job complete.

Why Choose DreamHome Remodeling for your ADU in Hillsborough?

DreamHome Remodeling isn’t just a service provider – we’re a partner in transforming your home. Let’s explore the reasons why we stand above the rest:

Local Expertise: As Hillsborough natives, we have in-depth knowledge of local building codes and design trends that blend seamlessly with the community vibe.

End-to-End Solutions: From conceptualization to the final touches, we offer comprehensive services making the process hassle-free and enjoyable.

Tailored Designs: We don’t just build; we personalize, ensuring that your ADU mirrors your preferences, personality, and lifestyle.

Quality Craftsmanship: Our team comprises experienced professionals who are dedicated to delivering superior craftsmanship that lasts.  

Client-Centric Focus: For us, your satisfaction is the ultimate goal. Each step of the process is communicated clearly, and your feedback is always welcomed and acted upon.

Frequently Asked Questions about Complete Home Remodeling with DreamHome Remodeling

Can I customize my ADU to match the main house?
Absolutely! We specialize in creating ADUs that either complement or perfectly match your main residence based on your preferences.

How long does the ADU process take from design to completion?

Typically, the entire process can take several months, but this can vary based on complexity, size, and the permitting process. We can provide a more accurate timeline following our initial consultation.

Will I be updated throughout the construction process?

Certainly! We believe in keeping our clients informed through all stages of construction. You will receive regular updates and have a dedicated point of contact for any questions.

Do ADUs have any restrictions in Hillsborough?

There are specific zoning regulations and building codes that must be followed. Our team is well-versed in these and will ensure that your ADU adheres to all local requirements.

What is the average cost of building an ADU with DreamHome Remodeling?

The cost of an ADU can vary based on several factors, but after our initial site evaluation and consultation, we can provide you with a detailed estimate.

Choosing DreamHome Remodeling for your ADU in Hillsborough means opting for peace of mind, impeccable quality, and an assured increase in your property’s value and functionality. Allow us to bring your dream space to life with the care and excellence your home deserves. Contact us today to embark on a seamless ADU journey tailor-made for you.

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