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Commercial Contractors

DreamHome Remodeling & Builders extends our expertise and knowledge to the commercial sector. As commercial contractors, we assist in the development, expansion, and growth of businesses in the San Jose Bay Area. We provide the best commercial remodeling services including commercial construction & have helped numerous business owners improve their commercial spaces with our commercial construction services for their employees and customers.

We, too, are a small business, and our team of commercial contractors is always looking to support other San Jose small businesses. Being the best commercial builders, whenever you need your business property remodeled or completely built from the ground up, our commercial contractors will always be there to assist you.

Business Remodeling Benefits 

There is a lot to manage as a small business owner; beauty and efficiency of your physical location are not always at the top of your list of priorities. Small businesses often put their resources into keeping everything in motion, and the upkeep of the physical space becomes neglected until it’s direly needed. As a small business owner, you have a dozen plates to keep spinning, so why not let us handle the remodeling of your space?

Improved Efficiency: Every business, no matter how big or small, benefits from improved efficiency. The more you can do without being hindered will help your business succeed. A small business remodel can assist you in making the workspace more efficient for business operations. Outdated or damaged appliances or machines can be replaced with newer models. This saves your employees time so that they can be working on other tasks.

Improved Employee Efficiency: Not only will the space and appliances run more efficiently, but your employees will too. Since your employees are working in a better space, their mental, emotional, and physical well-being improves. Additionally, you can make design choices to inspire creativity or boost production for employees and your business.

Attract Customers: Small businesses are always looking to draw in new clients or customers. A complete business remodeling project can draw in new business, and an updated space helps build your business’s authority with customers. Contemporary office spaces can make your business more inviting, while a new exterior remodel of your restaurant can draw in hungry customers. At the same time, you can further impress your already existing clients and customers with your remodel. They are more likely to share with their friends and family, only increasing your attractiveness.

Make Room for Growth: By remodeling your small business, you can include space to grow. Whether you need space for more personnel, inventory, or customers, a remodeling project can do just that. Look ahead at the next five or six years to determine where you want your business to be. Then, in the design phase, incorporate those goals into the remodeling project.

Los Gatos Home Remodeling

When you think of an accessory dwelling unit, you may think of a guest house or small cottage near the primary living structure. This is a common type of ADU, but it isn’t the only one. There are three types of accessory dwelling units: interior, attached, or detached.

Interior ADUs: This type of ADU is built inside of the primary living structure. The most common spaces converted include basements or attics.

Attached ADUs: Convert an attached garage or a separate living space attached to your home. These ADUs are directly attached to the primary living structure.

Detached ADUs: Like some garages or a shed, detached ADUs are built away from the primary living space. Cottages, converted garages, and tiny homes are common options for a detached ADU.

Business Remodeling FAQs

Our commercial contractors receive a lot of questions from business owners. We understand the importance of your business, which is why we are commercial builders & are happy to answer any questions before moving forward with your remodeling project. Below, we have listed a few common questions and answers.

How much does it cost to remodel a restaurant?

It is difficult to answer what a restaurant remodel project costs due to there being so many factors. Even the average cost of a restaurant remodel is difficult to calculate. However, Building Journal reports the national average for a 5,000 square foot restaurant remodel is approximately $480,000. The best way you can determine the cost of your remodel is to give our commercial contractors a call. Reach out to our team today for a free estimate.

How do you choose commercial contractors?

To find the right commercial contractors for your business, you must meet with their team. It is also important to note the lowest price is not always the best option. Some contractors may offer you a lower price because they do not have the right experience or cut corners. You should also know every detail about your business remodel. Dreamhome Remodeling & Builders takes you through each detail and addresses any questions you have.

Free Estimate With Commercial Contractors

DreamHome Remodeling & Builders wants to help upgrade your business to the next level. Our commercial contractors will work directly with you to ensure your dream is captured. We don’t just make dream homes a reality; but provide the best commercial remodeling services & your dream business is also in our capabilities. Give us a call today at (408) 673-0883 or visit our contact page to fill out the form for a free estimate. Our project managers are excited to speak with you.

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