Home Additions Brentwood

Spectacular Home Additions in Brentwood

Are you looking to upgrade your current house, or are you looking for ways to add space smartly? DreamHome Remodeling & Builders is an experienced group of contractors who can deliver exceptional home addition services in Brentwood. No matter your budget or needs, we can provide you with an excellent plan for your home addition that you would absolutely love. We can assist you in transforming your unused garage into a beautiful bedroom or utilize the extra space in your house to build a bathroom. No matter your needs, our team of builders, designers, and contractors can bring their expertise to the table to provide the most fitting home additions solution to you.

We understand the needs of a growing family and the need for extra elbow space with kids and elderly parents. DreamHome Remodeling & Builders can help you fulfill your family’s needs with a spare bedroom or a larger area. Home additions are the perfect way to add new life to unused or empty spaces in your home. It can add a new life to your attics, garages, or basements. These unused spaces can be transformed easily into a home office, a game room, or even an extra-guesthouse.

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Which Home Addition Services Would Work for You?

Home Addition services for your house can be of many types depending upon your needs and budget. Our contractors and builders can take your home to the next level, all within your allotted budget with clever planning and expert construction.

Room Transformations

If you have an attic, basement, or cluttered garage that can be utilized for something new, you should consider a room conversion. Spaces like these already have utilities like electrical wiring and plumbing, making things easier for transformations and remodeling projects. DreamHome Remodeling & Builders can help you transform your basements into a fantastic suite that includes a bathroom, a kitchenette, and a living space.

A Bump-Out

Adding a few feet into your kitchen space or adding space into your constricted bathroom can make a world of difference to your home. A bump-out does not require much construction work nor a huge commitment. It is a highly affordable way of adding space to your room. Although bumping out your bedroom may seem like you are just adding a few feet to your space, it can actually help you open up your room to a more comfortable and fresh feeling. Our experts recommend bumping out your cramped half-bath to a full one or adding functionality to your kitchen with DreamHome Remodeling & Builders home additions in Brentwood.

A Second Story

If you want to expand your home but don’t have the yard space to accommodate it, you can opt for a second story. A second story offers twice the size of your existing home, but construction can be costlier and more complex. We recommend this option to growing families who do not have substantial lot size to work with. A second story can mean extra bedrooms and extra bathrooms and can add a hefty value to your property as well.

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