If you’re looking to add sustainability to your home and lifestyle, then a floor remodel might be in the cards for you. In fact, there are quite a few sustainable options worth considering for a floor remodel. As for the best eco friendly flooring options, let’s take a look at just four of them. 

Before Remodeling Your Floor 

Before going into the best eco friendly flooring options for your remodel, it’s important to ponder a few considerations when undertaking such an ambitious project. As you explore these four eco friendly flooring options, think about budget, timing, and location. Like with any remodeling project, it’s important to know your budget. 

You might approach budgeting either by seeing how much money you need to save or by working within set monetary parameters. It’s also important to consider when you will have this remodel take place and your plan for it. Finally, think about which floors in your home you wish to remodel. All of them? Upstairs or downstairs floors? A specific room? These are all important factors to consider before remodeling your floor. 

4 Best Eco Friendly Flooring Options 

Now that you know what factors you should think about before remodeling your floors, it’s time to look at the four best eco friendly flooring options. 


Bamboo is one of the most popular eco friendly flooring options for countless reasons. It regrows every three to five years, which already makes it an ideal alternative to traditional wood flooring. It’s also very durable and easy to maintain. Bamboo flooring just needs standard vacuuming and sweeping, and if you want to make it look nicer, use mild soap and water very occasionally. While bamboo is susceptible to scratching and visible aging, it isn’t hard to refinish if it isn’t engineered bamboo flooring. However, this type of flooring shouldn’t be used in spaces that absorb a lot of water, as it can be quite sensitive to potential water damage

eco friendly flooring options bamboo


Another popular option is cork flooring. This type of flooring is considered eco friendly because cork can be harvested without chopping down the tree that produces it. It’s also a natural insulator against hot and cold temperatures. Additionally, it also works as a natural insect repellant and anti-microbial and has fire-resistant properties. 

Cork flooring is also super comfortable if you prefer walking around your home barefoot. With all that said, cork flooring requires lots of care and maintenance to get the most out of its lifespan; otherwise, these floors won’t last long. Stay on top of keeping them in shape by installing them in areas with less foot traffic and changing up the furniture arrangements every so often. 

eco friendly flooring options cork


Linoleum is another one of the more popular eco friendly flooring options. It’s considered eco friendly due to it being made of biodegradable materials such as pine resin, wood flour, cork dust, linseed oil, and other sustainable materials. Unlike bamboo and cork, linoleum is more water-resistant, so that you can use it for bathrooms and kitchens. 

This material is very durable, as it can last for more than twenty years if it receives proper care and maintenance. The main drawbacks are that linoleum flooring is very expensive to install, can be dented by furniture, and receives damage from too much sun exposure. Get the most out of your linoleum floors by being mindful of your furniture arrangements and of how much sunlight gets onto them. 

eco friendly flooring options linoleum


Tile is considered one of the best eco friendly flooring options because there is a wide range of different kinds of tiles from which you can choose. Ceramic or porcelain tiles, stone tiles, and even recycled metal or recycled glass are available, making the design possibilities for your flooring endless. Each type of tile comes with its own unique benefits in addition to its high durability. On the flip side, some tile options are more expensive than others, so narrowing down which tile options are best for you is really important. 

eco friendly flooring options tile

Explore Flooring Options With DreamHome! 

We hope that your search for new flooring has become easier now that you know about the four best eco friendly flooring options. Of course, these are only four of the countless eco friendly materials available for flooring. If you want to explore more flooring options and need a reliable service to install said flooring, contact us today. Our experts at DreamHome will make your new flooring dreams come true. 

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