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Going to the movie theater is expensive, especially when you have a large family. Still, there is something about the experience that many people crave, even when they’re on a budget. Maybe it’s the smell of buttery popcorn and sugary treats behind the snack counter. Or perhaps it’s the immersive experience of the dark room and large screen, which can almost make you feel like you’re inside the movie as it plays out before you. Whatever that special magic a movie theater has, there’s no reason that you can’t recreate it for yourself at home. Why not create a home theater? 

“But wait,” you might be thinking. “My house isn’t very big. I don’t have enough space for a home theater.” If that’s what is holding you back from adding this feature, we have good news for you. It’s possible to work with a small space and still recreate that magical experience you desire. Here are five small home theater room design ideas to help you out: 

1. Use a Couch Rather Than Home Theater Seats

When you’re trying to develop small home theater room design ideas, you want to think about how you can practically fit more people into a cramped space. Smooshing multiple chairs together is not the best option if this is your goal, especially because many theater chairs take up a lot of room. Instead, get a large couch that you can fit against the back wall. Everyone will be able to fit comfortably, and this leaves you space to add more features. 

2. Mount a Counter For Your Snack Bar 

With the help of some brackets, you can create a floating counter as a base for your snack bar. This leaves room to tuck bar stools underneath it, thus helping you minimize the space you take up. From there, you can add containers of snacks such as candies and chips. You may even have room for a small popcorn or cotton candy machine. If there is any unused space near your snack bar, you could also add a mini fridge stocked with sodas for the kids and perhaps beers or hard ciders for the adults. 

An example of small home theater room ideas

3. Mount Your Theater Equipment 

When your goal is to get the most equipment into a small space, you’re going to have to get creative. If an entertainment center is not an option because it takes up too much room, then mounting is your next best option. You can mount nearly all of the basic home theater equipment you’ll need, such as the TV and speakers. This leaves you extra room for any other features that you might be longing for, such as an old-fashioned arcade machine or even candy dispensers. 

4. Use Darker Tones For Paint and Furniture

Now you know important space-saving tips for your small home theater room design ideas. Now, you get to think about looks. Typically, darker colors are the most suited for home theaters. Your goal is to choose a paint that will absorb rather than reflect light, helping reduce glare while you’re enjoying your movie. Options like gray, black, dark red, and brown are all excellent choices. However, that also depends on how you’re going to use your space. If you plan to use your home theater to entertain guests or have relaxed Netflix days with friends rather than just view movies with your family, then you may not want to use a harsh color like black or navy. In these cases, a dark red would be the best choice. It is a little more welcoming and versatile. 

5. Get Can Lights

Lighting is one of the most important things to consider when creating a small home theater room design. If you choose the wrong types of lights, you’re going to end up with a harsh glare on your television. This will make watching movies less enjoyable while putting all of the effort you invested into creating the perfect home theater to waste. Do yourself a favor and get yourself some recessed can lights, which are the perfect option when it comes to home theaters! These will not cause any glares on your screen, and they are subtle and blend easily into any design. 

We’ll Assist You With Small Home Theater Room Design Ideas! 

It’s not easy to create the perfect small home theater room design. There are a lot of factors to consider, and if you’re not a professional, you might feel overwhelmed by the design process. If you’re having a hard time developing or implementing small home theater room design ideas, rely on our team. Contact us today for assistance with small home theater room design ideas! 

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