Are you looking to add an ADU to your home or property? While it’s not a must to have any ADU design ideas before contacting a contractor, it will quicken the process. That said, you may not know where to look for any ADU designs.

Well, we’ve compiled a handful of ADU design ideas you may want to consider for your home:

1. Pool House ADU

Pool House ADU Design Ideas

The purpose of a pool house is to have a private area to change in and out of swimwear, relax, and enjoy the pool. This is the ideal place for your guests during parties and gatherings. A pool house usually features a seating area, bathroom, small kitchenette, and sometimes a bed.

With features like these, turning your pool house into an ADU is a great way to cut down on costs. Of course, the pool house will require some modifications for privacy and meet state standards. Out of all the ADU design ideas, a pool house ADU is one of the best ways to keep it affordable.

2. Tiny Home ADU

Tiny Home ADU Design Ideas

Tiny homes are typically under 600 square feet and feature everything a standard house would only compact into a lot less room. Tiny homes have boomed in popularity over the last few decades as living costs have skyrocketed.

The big thing to know about a tiny home ADU is that they cannot be on wheels. For your ADU to qualify legally, it must be permanently established on the property of your primary dwelling. Be cautious of this ADU type, as it’ll require the right contractor with the right knowledge.

3. ADU Basement

ADU Basement ADU design ideas

One of the most popular ADU design ideas is to transform an existing room. An attic, garage, or basement is often selected. ADU basements are excellent choices because they provide minimal construction and building. The ADU already has a foundation, walls, and a roof.

So, an ADU basement may be a way you cut down on costs. It is important to think about how your resident will enter and exit the ADU. Will they have their own private entrance from the basement? Will they have to come through the house to reach the ADU? Be sure to ask yourself these questions before making the leap.

4. ADU With Loft

ADU with Loft - ADU Design Ideas

An ADU with a loft is one of the best ADU design ideas you could have because it helps save space. Lofts essentially add a second story without being too tall. There are limits on your ADU’s height, so a loft is a great way to cut down on square footage while still having all the necessary features.

Lofts can be accessed via a ladder or small staircase. The design opportunities for ADUs with lofts are nearly unlimited. Even if lofts aren’t for everyone, it’s hard to deny how cozy and comforting they feel.

5. One-Bedroom ADU

One-Bedroom ADU Design Ideas

Source: Inspired ADUs

The majority of ADU design ideas will be for a one-bedroom ADU. Most ADUs can have up to two bedrooms depending on the local regulations. However, you can maximize the living space when you only have one bedroom.

Depending on your local laws, a one-bedroom ADU can range anywhere from 200 square feet to more than 1000. This gives you a lot of flexibility in your ADU design.

6. Two-Bedroom ADU

two-bedroom ADU design ideas

Source: Inspired ADUs

Two-bedroom ADUs typically start at around 700 square feet and can reach up to 1200. Two-bedroom ADUs could be a single-story or have two stories. They are very versatile, unlike some of the other ADU design ideas listed.

We recommend contacting an ADU contractor in your area or a prefab ADU manufacturer for details and ideas on designs for your two-bedroom ADU.

ADU Design Ideas Brought to Life

If you have your ADU design ideas ready for a builder and you’re located in the San Jose area, consider giving DreamHome Remodeling & Builders a call! We offer comprehensive ADU design and construction services for the Greater San Jose area. Get in touch with us today for a free estimate. Learn more about ADUs in California by visiting our complete guide. It will help you learn more about these essential structures!

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