For many, garages are a wonderful convenience. They provide extra storage space for items that are used rarely or only once a year, such as holiday decorations or fancy tablecloths. Car enthusiasts are often happy to have a place to keep their vehicles, especially if they collect expensive models that they don’t want to leave on the street. But say that you have no clutter that needs to be kept in the garage. Say you don’t care to park your car anywhere except the driveway or street. At that point, what is the point of having a garage? But many homes come with these features. So you are left wondering, “What do I do with all this unused space?” If that’s what you’re thinking, garage conversion might be something that you need to consider. Check out our guide to garage conversion here! 

What Is Garage Conversion? 

Garage conversion means changing the space into something new. There are a number of ways you can do this. Some people change their garages into small apartments. Others turn them into home gyms, movie theaters, tiki bars, fancy lounges, and more. Basically, garage conversion refers to giving your space a new function. Instead of using it for storage of cars or other items, you could use it to exercise, relax, or host guests. 

How Much Does Garage Conversion Cost? 

Converting a garage typically costs between $6,000 and $19,000. However, your project could cost less or more depending on the complexity and scope of your project. Turning your garage into a home gym will likely cost less than creating a living space, as you would not need a working bathroom and kitchen for the former. The type of conversion you go with will affect the price, as well as the size of your garage, the materials you choose, and what your local contractors charge. Most contractors are happy to give you a free quote when you contact them with details about your specific project. 

Is Garage Conversion Always an Option? 

You might wonder whether just anyone can convert their garage. Most of the time, you can always remodel parts of your home with the proper permits and credentials. However, sometimes local zoning laws and regulations may prevent you from undergoing a garage conversion project. If there is a shortage of parking spaces in your neighborhood, you may be required to keep your garage. It is important to check with your local government and HOA before contacting a contractor for assistance with a garage conversion. 

A garage with a green door surrounded by flowers that is going to undergo a garage conversion project

How Long Does Garage Conversion Take? 

Garage conversions generally do not take long if your existing structure is in acceptable condition. You can expect an average project to take between three and six weeks. That being said, every project is different. Yours could take less time or more. It depends on how much work you need done. If you need a more specific number to plan for your project, it is best to reach out to a local contractor and ask for a time estimate. 

Is Garage Conversion Always a Good Idea? 

Everybody has different lifestyles and needs. Thus, what is good for one person is not always good for another. If you have a growing family and your neighborhood lacks abundant street parking options, it may not be wise to go through with a garage conversion. On the other hand, if you are a single individual or do not plan to have children, garage conversion may be perfectly practical. 

One thing you do want to consider is how long you plan to stay in your home. After all, a garage conversion may affect resale value. Perhaps you think having a tiki bar in this space is a wonderful idea. But other homeowners may not find the idea so charming, especially if they own multiple vehicles. Your home is, well, yours. So in the end, you can do whatever you want. But it is wise to future cast rather than make impulsive decisions. 

Are You Ready to Convert Your Garage? 

Our team at DreamHome Remodeling is here to assist you with garage conversion and much more. If you are ready to take on a project, we are ready to help you. Contact DreamHome Remodeling & Builders today for the best garage conversions in the state! 

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