A closet is an underrated part of any home remodeling project. This storage space allows you to keep your clothes in an organized area and makes getting dressed quick and easy. However, there are many more benefits you could be missing out on if you neglect to give your closet a remodel along with your home. In this blog, we will discuss the many types of closets you can transform your closet into and some closet storage ideas that will make life a whole lot easier.

Types Of Closets

You might be used to your boring closet. Finding an outfit for the day might be stressful as you’re stuck searching through such a tight space due to the lack of storage. Nevertheless, there are a lot more closets out there that can make life easier.


If you have shoes and clothes galore, then that tiny closet you’ve been used to won’t be able to accommodate them all. This is why a walk-in closet comes in handy. This closet not only gives your room a luxurious appearance; it also organizes all of your belongings and makes it simple for you to choose an outfit before leaving. You won’t have to spend the entire day sifting through your wardrobe to find the perfect fit. This roomy storage space can also include drawers, shoe storage, mirrors, and even a seat for when you’re getting dressed.


If you don’t have the space for a walk-in closet or simply want a small closet, then a reach-in closet could be the right fit for you. As the name suggests, this closet is within an arm’s reach going up to eight feet in width. One great reason to have a reach-in closet is that it can be used in many different ways. This can store items like jewelry and other accessories.

Linen Closet

There are many types of closets as you are aware. Not each one has to hold your clothes, and the perfect example of this is a linen closet. Towels, bedding, and many other items are kept in this kind of closet, thanks to the many shelves in it. Even a washer and dryer can be kept in some linen closets.


Are you all about elegance? Do you lack space for a closet? Well, you can add an elegant closet into your space with an armoire. This type of closet is a decorative cupboard of sorts that will store your wardrobe with ease. An armoire comes in many different styles and sizes to fit your room with no problem.

Closet Storage Ideas

Now that you know about the types of closets available, you can pick your favorite and transform it into the perfect closet for you. See how you can make this change by looking at some of the following closet storage ideas:

Toy Closet

There is nothing worse than accidentally stepping on a Lego, or any other toy for that matter. That blistering pain can be a thing of the past when you transform your kid’s closet into a toy closet. With this, those toys are kept out of sight when they are not in use and are easily accessible. 

Shoe Closet

Sometimes a small section in your closet won’t accommodate all your shoes. This is because the closet wasn’t made to store your shoes. However, a shoe closet is built for this. A shoe closet is a perfect place to store and make your shoes easily accessible. You can even get yourself a custom closet that can store well over 50 pairs of shoes.

Functional Closet

A default closet won’t take into account all your clothes, your shoes, or anything else you want to place inside it. A functioning closet, however, can. This closet has many easily accessible features, including drawers and shelves. With a functional closet customized just for you, you can add more shelves, rods, and other features.

Closet Storage Ideas

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